New York State Designer Blacksmiths

By hammer and hand all arts do stand...

A community of Blacksmiths, artists and enthusiasts

The New York State Designer Blacksmiths (NYSDB) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization of men and women who share a common interest in maintaining, perpetuating and sharing the craft of blacksmithing.


We have a diverse group of members, each of which have their own interests, skill sets and knowledge to contribute. We come together to share our common interest in producing hand-made goods using a blend of "traditional" and modern techniques. Our primary mission is education of our members and to provide a community where individuals can share their knowledge of the craft, showcase their work or learn a new skill.


With six regions across across New York State, anyone who is interested in trying their hand at blacksmithing has access to a local community of members!


NYSDB is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of blacksmithing as a profession and a hobby. We strive to provide opportunities for individuals and local affiliate organizations to further their blacksmithing education, strengthen their skills, and hone their craft. An exposition of the rich and vibrant work of modern smiths, while exposing smiths to the vast diversity of metal forging concepts, instruments, and metals, their properties, and behaviors in different stress conditions.


At NYSDB we strive to...  


Support aspiring blacksmiths and provide them with opportunities to develop their blacksmithing education, strengthen their skills, and hone their craft.

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Maintain and distribute a collection of newsletters, information & resources compiled by our members.


Invest in the education and development of our members through our scholarship program. This program covers the tuition, room and board expenses to allow the recipient to attend a week long class at the blacksmithing school of their choice.

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Teach creativity though demonstration. All members are encouraged to demonstrate their methods, tips and tricks at their local meetings. Regardless of one's level of expeience, everyone has something to share.


Additionally, we strive to teach members of the community about the forging process, metallurgy and historical significance of the trade/craft.


Heckle our fellow members!


While this may not be the most professional addition to the list, it is well suited to the type of spirited fun that is often to be expected at our meetings.

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