Mission, Vision and Core Values




Perpetuating, promoting, and teaching the craft and art of blacksmithing


The New York State Designer Blacksmiths, NYSDB, is dedicated to exposing aspiring blacksmiths and the public to the art of blacksmithing. NYSDB encourages and facilitates the training and development of blacksmiths through the dissemination of information about sources of material and equipment, the facilitation of knowledge and skill development and the provision of an environment where smiths can share ideas and collaborate without limits. NYSDB serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, artists, designers, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.


The New York State Designer Blacksmiths organization works to make the craft of blacksmithing more accessible to everyone. We aim to provide New York State residents with a safe and welcoming enviornment where they are able to develop their skills and find a communitiy of like-mided individuals that are interested in helping them grow as a blacksmith and as an individual. We also strive to educate our members and the community about the role of blacksmithing in historic and contemporary culture.


Ultimately, we look to advance the art beyond what has been previously possible by inspiring new people to show and share their creativity in the metal arts.

Core Values

NYSDB’s core values, mirrors those of ABANA's. We are grounded in the artist-blacksmith practice that embodies both the aesthetic and the functional aspects of the “noble art.”


We recognize that while each member may be interested in a particular style or area of blacksmithing, we all have something to learn or share with one another. It is through this exchange of ideas and techniques that the we collectively keep the fire of creativity going and inspire people to continue to make new works with their own hands.